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Black Bedroom Ideas for a Sophisticated Retreat

Black Bedroom Ideas for a Sophisticated Retreat

Use this moody shade to give your bedroom a timeless makeover. We showed you ways to create a coastal, airy vibe for your bedroom. Now we are going in the opposite direction and showing you ideas on how to use black for dramatic effect.

bedroom with dark gray walls and pink curtains

Like a little black dress, a black bedroom is timeless. While the dark color might seem like a daring choice, it’s actually more versatile than you think. Sure, it’s the perfect backdrop for a moody space when paired with rich jewel tones and layered with luscious velvet fabrics and shiny brass accents. But you can just as easily use the color black to create a modern or rustic aesthetic by incorporating relaxed linen bedding and warm-toned wood furniture.

Whether you’re ready for a bold bedroom makeover with a fresh coat of black paint or you want to use the color more sparingly for a traditional-style space, we’re sharing our favorite black bedroom ideas to help you get started.







Black Bedroom Accent Wall
bedroom with black wall

Instead of just painting the walls black, go a step further with a bedroom accent wall. Create a sophisticated herringbone pattern on the wall using black-stained or painted wood. The subtle texture and pattern elevates this black and white bedroom and adds extra dimension. An elegant white bed with a low headboard keeps the focus on the black accent wall while textured bed linens and a soft brown area rug usher in a soft, cozy element. Pops of gold and green stand out against the dark wall and enliven the otherwise neutral bedroom.







Dark Midcentury Modern Bedroom
midcentury bedroom black walls bed

A walnut platform bed, low-sitting nightstands, and minimalist sconces add a touch of midcentury modern flair to this black bedroom. Three horizontal windows break up the dark wall color and maintain a sense of symmetry that’s continued throughout the rest of the space. A faded vintage-style rug softens the starkness of the black wall, as does the oversized rattan pendant light. The tiered shape and sculptural quality of the light help draw attention to the height of the ceiling, creating a sense of space—an important element when decorating with dark colors.







Accent a Wood Wall
wooden wall bedroom gray, black and white accents

A warm-toned wood accent wall made up of horizontal planks acts as an oversized headboard in this modern rustic bedroom. Touches of black throughout the space in the form of black ceiling paint, window shades, picture frames, and wall sconces modernize the space and keep the wood features from looking outdated. Relaxed linen bedding in varying shades of gray softens the black accents, while the white walls, bedding, and plush sheepskin rug brighten the whole room.








Decorate with Animal Prints
small bedroom with black walls and animal print headboard

Don’t be afraid of using a black wall color in a small bedroom. While you might be nervous the moody shade will make the room feel cramped, know that it can also infuse the space with a timeless style and a cozy ambiance. This tiny bedroom packs a lot of personality into minimal square footage, starting with dark walls. A wingback headboard upholstered in a leopard print fabric adds pattern, while a small gold nightstand and shiny wall sconces bring in a touch of glam. An abstract piece of art pops against the black wall and brings in an unexpected contemporary element to this modern bedroom.







Add Warmth with Light Colors
bed against black wall in bedroom with yellow pillows

A warm color palette of mustard yellow, denim blue, and soft white pops against the black walls in this cozy bedroom. Not only do the bed linen colors provide a stark contrast to the dark walls, the mix of patterns breaks up the solid black and softens the space. A black iron headboard seamlessly blends in with the black wall and allows plenty of light to filter in through the window behind it.









Paint a Two-Tone Wall
bedroom with two tone black wall and gold lamp

Break up a solid bedroom wall with a two-tone design for a modern look. Here, black paint covers the bottom two-thirds of the wall while the stark contrast of a bright white color extends to the ceiling. Decorative molding reminiscent of historic rooms adds extra visual interest and texture. A soft upholstered headboard stands out against the black wall color, while the gold mushroom-shaped table lamp and brass mirror add a warm and sophisticated touch.









Use Black and White Wallpaper
black four-poster bed with damask wallpaper in master bedroom

Black and white wallpaper with a peacock design serves as a traditional backdrop for a modern four poster bed in this upscale bedroom. Fresh white linens, a fluffy area rug, and striped roman shades continue the elegant color scheme and give the bedroom the refreshing feel of a vacation resort. Textured throw pillows with cream and beige accents add subtle layers of variation without introducing a new color. For a sophisticated final touch, a tiered beaded chandelier dresses up the space.







Soften Black Bedroom Walls
bedroom with dark gray walls and pink curtains

Soften black bedroom walls with dusty pink accents and brass fixtures for a surprisingly warm feel. An oatmeal-colored upholstered bed holds a collection of solid, textured, and patterned throw pillows whose colors match the curtain panels and wall art. An ornately-carved wood dresser pulls in the warm tones from the pink accent color and a jute area rug adds a natural texture contrasts the sleekness of the cool black walls.










Install Black Shiplap
bedroom with black accent wall and hanging light

Keep a black bedroom light and open by pairing it with white accents, adding live greenery, and using simple furniture. A black slatted wall holds a macrame tapestry that visually extends the height of the low wood headboard. A printed black blanket and embroidered pillows add pattern and pops of black, while a minimalist gold and black wall sconce provides both a functional reading light and modern decorative accent.








Paint Walls, Trim, and Doors
bedroom with black walls and gold frames gallery wall

Go bold and use black paint on your bedroom walls, trim, and ceiling for a dramatic effect. The daring design choice sets a moody tone in this eclectic bedroom and beautifully complements the pink and purple jewel tones in a stunning embroidered bedspread. For a unique gallery wall, don’t limit yourself to just wall space. Get creative, leaning larger pieces on the floor and hanging lighter, smaller frames on the walls and doors for a layered effect.









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