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Chattanooga’s Environmental Project Grant at Warner Park

Green space is important in cities and in neighborhoods. This is why Core Homes, a leading home builder in Chattanooga TN is building homes in their Lost Lake community that features five-acre wooded homesites. This connection to nature provides a sense of serenity as you take in the beauty of nature. Thanks to a grant from Tennessee American Water, Chattanooga will be able to improve the Warner Park Bioretention Gardens.

The gardens are focused on bringing more awareness to how nature functions and how green infrastructure benefits us. To help keep the gardens functioning and serving their purpose, Tennessee American Water environmental has provided a grant for $3500. This will allow the city to install educational signs as well as photo monitoring brackets. The equipment allows the City of Chattanooga to measure public engagement regarding stormwater and overall green infrastructure. There is also the hope of reducing vandalism, trash accumulation, and the hours spent repairing the damage.

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly spoke about the importance of parks, saying, “A core tenet of our Parks and Outdoors Plan is the idea that great cities are defined by great parks, and that starts with ensuring existing parks are well cared for.” The grant money makes the plan from the Department of Parks and Outdoors viable, resulting in enhancements to the Warner Park Bioretention Gardens that will benefit it now and for years to come.

Tennessee American Water supports projects like this that encourage collaboration to find new and innovative solutions for watershed environmental sustainability. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Zoo are some of the collaborators. Dr. DeAnna Beasley from the university has been encouraging students to learn directly from the gardens via her ecology lab. The Zoo has provided input on the informational signage to help further the understanding of the benefits of green infrastructure.

Thanks to programs and grants like this, communities are better able to protect their watersheds, surface water and groundwater supplies. With five-acre wooded homesites, Core Homes, a respected home builder in Chattanooga TN, encourages residents of Lost Lake and others to learn more about green infrastructure and ways that it can be incorporated into your own home and property. To learn more about Lost Lake, contact us today.

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