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New Homes in Soddy Daisy TN

New vs Used Homes – Are You Experiencing the Joy Gap?

New Homes vs Used Homes

Are you experiencing joy gap?

What exactly is “joy gap”? Joy gap is the difference in what your are expecting to feel concerning an event and what you actually feel once that event has occurred.
Whenever you are considering a move, whether it’s across town or across the country, there is that excitement/anticipation of setting up a new home in a new location. Of course, there is some apprehension, but for most folks the opportunity to start with a “clean slate” is exciting.
So now, you are faced with the decision – do I buy new or used? Or if your timeline allows – do you build your new home from the ground up?

Used Homes – Pros and Cons

Usually in established neighborhoods
Quick contract to close time frame (if the house is empty)
More inventory of homes on the market to choose from

Did the homeowner disclose a true history of the home to the Realtor?
Age of major appliances
How reputable was the builder of the home?
Were past repairs done by reputable contractors?
What sort of pesticides were used outside and inside the home?
How energy efficient are the appliances, windows, and insulation?
Has the home been pre-treated for termites?
What events – sick babies, new puppies, etc are deep-soaked into the carpets and paddings?
Older neighborhoods rarely have amenities

New Home – Pros and Cons

All new appliances
Up-to-date room layout: no tiny bathrooms or closets
Energy efficient appliances and insulation
New paint
New roof
First homeowner
Up-to-date neighborhood amenities

Neighborhood may still be under construction, and construction vehicles are coming and going
Home may not be ready for immediate move-in
Homes may be slightly higher in price

The fact is, we have never know of someone moving into a used home who doesn’t do a deep clean and paint the interior before moving in. We’ve heard stories of a “new” roof being installed over the old. The underlying wood never checked. The homeowners can’t understand why they have leaks with a “new” roof. Or a hot water heater giving up the ghost two years after moving in.

There is a definite joy gap. Tim Costello of BDX explained at the recent International Builders Show that there is at least a 20% difference in the happiness of home buyers based on whether they bought a new home or a used one.
As Tim points out, used home buyers always move in with a “to-do” list. New home buyers only have “ta-da”. Used home buyers spend their weekends at Home Depot, new home buyers spend their time ….. however they want.

Core Homes has homes available at every stage of construction – to build from scratch to move-in-ready. Let us help you find one that will make you say, “TA-DA!”



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