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Your Burning Questions About Home Building Answered

Your Burning Questions About Home Building Answered

We know you have them – and we want to help!

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Building or buying a new home is a big undertaking, we get it.
You are handing over a large sum of money to someone you don’t know, to do something you probably aren’t an expert at.
It can be daunting.

Core Homes has started producing Core FAQ’s videos to answer our most asked questions from home buyers.
The videos are short, bite-sized nuggets of home building information. They will help you be confidant in making selections and explain some of the “builder speak” you will hear during the build process.

Our “talent” in these videos are folks you will actually work with while you are building your Core Home or one of our trade partners who are an integral part of the Core Home build process. You could run into any of these people at the grocery store!
You’ll meet John, one of our Project Managers, Vickie, our designer, and Aline, our trade partner from Louisville Tile.
We have a lot of people lined up for future videos to cover a large range of subjects: mortgage lending, more builder info, how we chose communities and home plans, and lots more!


Core FAQ’s videos will be posted to our Facebook book page every one to two months. You can also find the whole library of videos on our YouTube Channel: Home Life By Core @homelifebycore6576.

We hope you will check in to our YouTube channel often to watch the latest video. And, of course, you can always reach out to us
Monday through Friday from 8am – 4pm at 423-805-2676 (sales) or 423-643-2673 (office/design center) with any questions  you have about our process, current homes available for purchase, or if you want to come by and just look at our Design Center. Don’t hesitate to reach out! We want to help!









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